Elegance switch on spotlights looking at the lake: moments that must be lived.


With the opening on 21 March, Villa Porta opens its curtain and blossoms with spring flowers.

Immediately we would like to delight you with menu proposals for two special recurrences

Father’s Day – Menu proposal for the weekend of 23 and 24 March

Easter – Menu proposal for lunch in the wonderful Ballroom Limonaia

Themed Dinners 

Evenings of rhythm, music and fun for the summer at Villa Porta.

We are preparing for the 2024 season proposal. Dates and all the details are coming soon!


Wine Club 

Exclusive appointments organised in collaboration with prestigious wineries.

The intense flavours of late summer and autumn provide the inspiration for two special evenings with a sophisticated food and wine itinerary.



The monthly appointment with art is born from the passion of Mrs. Lara: a temporary exhibition that offers local artists the opportunity to display their works as well as present themselves personally at the Vernissage. Cocktail reception at the end of the presentation.